It’s no surprise to anyone that the Christmas season is one that has us financially strained. Studies show that the richer you are, the more you cling onto your money, so the only logical take- home I see is that the poorest among us might be the most generous, which becomes a problem when you have so many people on your gift-list, and don’t want to skimp out on any of them. We’ve all budgeted gift allowances down to the cent, haven’t we? And it’s the worst when people start to get ranked…

So I want to help any of you out who struggle to make smart money choices when doing your shopping this year.

The first is to buy gift sets and kits. No, don’t wrap them as they are, take them apart for several gifts. If you have like minded friends, then you can save 10-30% on the RRP value on full sized products. Take this beard grooming kit for example, for your manlier friends and family. How premium!

The second is to shop small, and sustainably. I think we’re all over cheap tat for a present, so find a small local shop to buy from. It only has to be little, but filled with so much more meaning. And although they often get a bad wrap, second hand stores can have some absolute gems, if you have the time (and patience) to do some digging!

Finally, homemade vouchers. Hear me out on this one… You’re offering something far more personal, a coffee date or dinner just the two of you, which shows just how much you appreciate them!

Happy shopping!