Saving With Your Grooming Products

Saving on your grooming and personal hygiene is one of those things that people tell you not to skimp out on. I mostly agree with that. Don’t buy cheap products just because they’re cheap that’s just counter-productive. Aside from the multitude of things that might go wrong there’s also that whole cheap scummy feeling you get knowing that you didn’t do this because it was a good deal, you basically opted into bad service. This isn’t fast food where you order a cheap meal and you know it might not be fine dining but it’s still food and to you it tastes fine, heck sometimes fast food is amazing. With grooming and hygiene if you buy cheap for the sake of cheap one of the better results is that it just won’t work.

If you’re sitting there lamenting the money flying out of your wallet just hold on one second because although I said you shouldn’t skimp out on the products you buy that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. And before you say it no this time savings do not come in the form of sales, but if you thought of that already good you’ve been paying attention to my other posts.

We’ve all read the instructions to some of our products and some of them will say to use generous amounts when applying, I’m looking at you moisturizing lotion. The reality is you only really need to use a little bit in most cases. Now again don’t skimp out and use a drop of lotion for your whole face but you don’t need a shot glass of the stuff either to get the job done, in the case of face lotions and the like about a thimble should be enough and if you don’t know what a thimble is then use about half the size of your thumb maybe a little more than that if you’ve got small hands. Oh and this is also for those guys that use way too much product. Think of it as a PSA guys, when using stuff like matt clay or styling wax don’t use too much because that’s bad for your wallet, your hair and/or skin.

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