Skin Issues… Help!

I’m going to make a confession to you, esteemed reader. I’ve been eating more than my fair share of takeaway and junk food recently. Honestly, I’m trying not to beat myself up for it too much, because I’ve been super busy. Work is going crazy, and I’ve picked up some freelance work which has just consumed my free time with no remorse. Social events are being shoehorned in to hour windows, and even last week I combined two catchups with friends into one dinner even though neither of these friends have ever met each other. Well, they have now. Honestly, it was about time they did anyway because they have a lot in common and it makes my life easier. But that wasn’t the point.

In between everything scheduled, I don’t really have the time to cook. I could do microwave meals, I suppose, or toast, but it’s not particularly inspiring, is it? I’ve started to find the idea of a warm meal delivered to my door each day more and more exciting. It practically gets me through that period between three and seven in the evening when you really start to lose motivation. The cost isn’t really even an issue, considering how much I’m working. My issue is, it’s not had the best effect on my skin. I’ve been breaking out more and more, feeling oily throughout the day, to the point my glasses start slipping down my nose about three hours after I wash my face in the morning. Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen the pores on my face so enlarged. Engorged, you might say.

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So this begs the question, can skincare outweigh diet, or do you have to balance the two? What I’m really asking is, can I get away with my currently lifestyle and improve my skin by simply having the best skincare routine I can get my hands on? I’ve heard of the zinc pca benefits for skin, helping to reduce oiliness and balance the complexion, and how deeply hydrating ingredients can actually help. I think it’s because these salty foods dry you out, so your body overproduces oil to compensate but it just makes you oily, rather than helping. So if you hydrate your skin with skincare, your sebum glands don’t need to do the work for you.

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If you, or anyone you know, has had this issue, or seen a dermatologist for it, please comment your recommendations! Or, if it’s smarter, tell me to get my head together and start eating healthier. I might just need some accountability for cooking once in a while!

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