Word as good as gold?

I have a question for all my lovely readers! When it comes time to do your Christmas present shopping, how much weight do you put behind what you read on the internet? For example, this year I bought all of my immediate family things advertised in this article on beauty crackers, because I was looking for something a little different and everyone loves to go on about stopping ageing in its tracks. Honestly, you’d think my family would jump on the chance of becoming vampires, just to stop ageing. I’m surprised no one has had Botox yet!

Sustainable Shopping: the eco-friendly guide to online Christmas shopping

But as all my gifts started arriving in the post, I had a thought. I really just took one person’s word on what was good and worth buying, and ran with it. Does that make me lazy? Does that make my gifting insincere? Did the author actually love them all, and try them all, or was just paid to hype them up? I think I’m just being overdramatic, but I wanted to know how other people (who aren’t the people receiving my presents) shop. Do you feel the need to do everything the hard way? You could do all your own research, browse through stores, or gain inspiration through word of mouth. When many of my friends were starting their own creative businesses, I tried my best to order presents from them so I could be supportive whilst also gaining something myself. That sounds horrible, but I don’t want to buy something from them just to put it in a cupboard and forget about it. Or worse, throw it out.

When I first got into the skincare sphere, I went research crazy. I knew all the beauty bloggers and who wrote for which magazine, which online publications used expert comments from dermatologists, and which didn’t. I had a list, a handwritten list, of who I trusted to give their honest and educated opinion. Whilst some of my friends thought I was going a little crazy, it turned out very well. My skin improved with my new routine, and I was suddenly a source for all those friends of what to buy for their own skin. Now I don’t have so much time and I haven’t looked at my list in a while, but I still have an inkling of where to get my information. This article, however, was someone new. Which is what caused me to have these thoughts, because I realised I didn’t do any research, I just had blind trust!

An eco-friendly guide to online Christmas shopping

Well, I guess we’ll see when I give all my gifts, whether or not it was worth the stress. I know I’ll get honest feedback when it comes time to try them. But perhaps you can let me know where you get your gifting inspiration? What do you read, where do you look? How can I do the least work with the most sincerity? I’m a busy person, with a big heart!

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